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Great Colbertings Throughout History



Extract for the Shorter Oxford English Dictonary:


colbert v. 1. to brazenly betray an individual, group of people, or institution to whom a duty of loyalty is owed. 2. to breach normal standards of loyalty and fidelity to one's peers. 3. n. the act or deed of colberting ("do a Colbert") (colloq.) 




The Colberting Hall of Shame thoughout the Ages:



44BC: Brutus colberts Julius Caesar


33AD: Judas colberts Jesus Christ


1924: Stalin colberts Trotsky


1941: Hitler colberts Stalin by invading Russia


1954: Tessio and Carlo Rizzo colbert the Corleone family


1990: Margaret Thatcher colberted by the Tory Party


1996: Mal Colston colberts the Labor Party


1997: Cheryl Kernot colberts the Democrats


1999: Leigh Colbert colberts Geelong


1999: Gary Ayres colberts Geelong


1999: Gary Ayres does Geelong a huge favour


2002: Wayne Carey colberts Anthony Stevens


2006: Wayne Carey colberts wife Sally and kid for "Miss V8

         Supercars" (below). Sally's dad: "If he comes around here he'll

          be going out in a box."


A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away: Lando Calrissian colberts Han Solo (at least Lando redeemed himself)



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